Do I Need A Security Camera System For My Home?

Home Security Camera Systems Vancouver

Contrary to popular belief, home security camera systems (CCTV) are not restricted to only businesses or luxury homes anymore as nowadays they are increasingly affordable and easy to install. By installing a security camera system in your home, you can complete an array of important tasks, such as deterring burglars, monitoring nannies and watching your pets, seniors and children.


Security camera systems help protect against burglary and intrusion. In 2011, there was 2.1 million reports of burglaries in the US, and average dollar lost per burglary was $2,185 USD. That is more than installing a home CCTV system.


Home camera surveillance devices allows you to monitor the interaction between a hired nanny and your children. 14% of children under 5 are cared for by nonrelated childcare in the US, and 4% of crimes committed against children under 6 are committed by nannies.


Having a pet (especially in the early stages) means constant maintenance and supervision. CCTV offers an opportunity to make sure your pets are okay at home by monitoring their behaviour with a private security camera system at all times. Pets are extremely susceptible to increased risks when no one is at home. In 2010, there was 167 000 calls to animal poison control centers in the US due to unsupervised pets. Since pet bills for toxic ingestion range from $250 to over $6,000, it is very beneficial to install a home security camera system for economic reasons as well as for your pets’ safety.


With a home Security Camera System installed, you can check up on your elderly loved ones even when you are away. Falling is a very serious risk to seniors’ health and is one of the leading causes of senior injuries around the world. Quick response time in regards to falling accidents is vital to your loved ones’ health. Coupled with a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), a Security Camera System shortens the response time to respond to injuries caused by falls.


You can also check on your children when you are away from home, making sure they are behaving properly and not putting themselves at risk. Studies show that teens that are left alone at home are 2 to 3 times more likely to consume drugs or alcohol, which can increase their health risks.
Moreover, since home surveillance systems are getting smaller and smaller they can be easily concealed and do not need interfere with a home’s appearance.
If you would like to protect your family, pets and yourself from burglaries and potential hazards, installing a Home Security Camera System is for you.

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