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ABAN security is on time, on budget and provides ultra-professional service! Throughout the many years I have been with ABAN, I have never experienced a false alarm in any of my locations. The ABAN staff are always courteous, precise, professional and the quality of the workmanship is second to none. From the day ABAN had installed their system, they have always been on time with no hassle and I believe the pricing is more than fair if you compare their service and the standards of the industry. If I were to describe ABAN Security to friends and family I would say they are a great little company who is easy to deal with and one who cares about every little detail.

— Robert R

Aban gave a good quote and they are hands on and local. The alarms have been responded to on a timely basis and all issues have been resolved very quickly. Aban is doing a good jhob for us. It is refreshing to have a hands on quick responses service.

— Garth McCann

I have been with Aban Security for many years and choose them because I was looking for a local reliable company rather than a National or International firm that wouldn’t know my community nor myself. I have recommended them to friends and other members of my family. Originally I found them because my brother was using them and continues to this day to be a client of Aban. I have not had a single issue since switching to them over 15 years ago. Recently had an issue with the insurance company demanding that I have a monitored smoke alarm in my basement. When my electrician couldn’t figure out how to install it without causing major damage to my ceiling Aban came to the rescue and installed the smoke alarm. I can not recommend them highly enough. We have accidentally set off the system a few times. Response time is excellent and issue resolved quickly. I am pleased with my service and my annual fee.

— Ron Barre

ABAN security was chosen based on favorable reports from other businesses using ABAN as a service provider. ABAN security has consistently demonstrated an outstanding level of quality service combined with moderate pricing. There is never a lag between placing a service call and having problems resolved. All personnel at ABAN security are highly trained and show professionalism dealing with the problems on site. Aban’s pricing is very moderate supported with a high quality service level.

— Stelmark, David Adamian

We have been working professionally with Aban for over 10 years now. They have been professional, easy to work with and reliable. We have had one false alarm with a client and Aban looked into it immediately. It was handle with care and we felt secure in the knowledge that it was dealt with professionally. The quality of service is excellent. That’s what keeps us coming back and using Aban for all of our clients security needs. We are happy with Aban and their pricing is competitive and their service is excellent.

— Kirsty Baker

Aban was recommend to us about 18 years ago from friends who had used their services and had been satisfied with them. We chose to go with Aban as opposed to the better known, bigger corporate names, because we wanted to encourage our local businesses and we felt that we’d receive a much more personalized service, especially that Mohammad is the onwer of the company. We have not been disappointed and Mohammad’s attention and personal touch have been very much in evidence over the years. A few times we called the monitoring service; always there to respond, no issues in terms of timeliness or ease of reaching them.

— Fares Boulos

We chose to use Aban as a repeat customer,Aban offers a complete solution to home monitoring and security.The people at Aban make it easy to get the right solution and are easy to deal with,I am very happy with my experience at Aban. To be honest with you we have had no false alarms since we have been dealing with Aban,which has been 13 years.I guess that sums it up. The response time is very quick from the monitoring station. The support staff at Aban has always been very helpful and the pricing has always been fair and the service excellent.

— Tony Frakes

I have had ABAN as my security provider for the last 14 years and have always found them to be reliable and and have enjoyed working with them in both the installation process and the monitoring of my house. They have always been able to handle any problems or worries that I may have had quickly and efficiently and in a courteous manner. The response time on a few alarms that went off (smoke detectors when we burnt some toast) was very fast. I would say we had a phone call within 30 seconds of the alarm going off.


Aban is on time , on budget and provides ultra professional service! I never had any false alarm in any of my locations. The quality of the workmanship is second to none. I believe the pricing is more than fair if you compare service and the standards of this industry. Aban is a great little company who is easy to deal with and who care about each little detail.

— Robert . R

We chose Aban because the previous owner of our building already used Aban and were happy with the service. We have had nothing but professional, courteous, prompt service from Aban. As a charity Aban has also chosen to donate their services to us. This generosity has been extended now for almost 10 years and demonstrates a value system of supporting charitable organizations. The monitoring system responds very quickly and we have had no problems with this aspect of e service.

— Callanish Society